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    Access Control with Custom Groups

      I am rather new to APEX. I am trying to implement access control/authorization using custom groups (not the built-in View, Edit, and Administrator groups). I did search the discussion forums and the web in general but so far I have come up empty. I was hoping someone could point me into the right direction as to how to get started. Are there stored procedures that need to be customized/implemented? Where do I store the user groups? Can I use the built-in tables or should I create custom security group tables? Those are just some of the questions I am trying to figure out and any help would be much appreciated.

      And BTW, due to client requirements, we are currently using version 3.2. Not sure if there are any significant changes between that version and the latest version.

      Thank you all!
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          Scott Wesley
          Custom authentication is fairly easy to set up with your own tables, here is an example

          This leads on to authorisation, again using your own tables. You need to look into using authorization schemes
          This can simply be queries on your own group tables, which presumably would control membership by username.

          You ask the question about using built-in tables, yet don't want to the built-in administrator groups?

          Plenty of significant changes, but none that should affect you in regard to authentication/authorisation.

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            Thanks for the info, Scott. I think I am starting to get the hang of it.