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    Read XML file in JAVA

      Hi ,

      I have an Xml file in the below format.

      Could you please provide the java code to read the attributes from the xml
        <class id="1" name="Test1" fromClass="Class1" toClass="Class2">
        <attribute fromAttribiteName="attr1" fromId="200" toAttribiteName="attr2" toId="201"/>
        <attribute fromAttribiteName="attr3" fromId="202" toAttribiteName="attr4" toId="203"/>
        <class id="2" name="Test2" fromClass="Class3" toClass="Class4">
        <attribute fromAttribiteName="attr1" fromId="204" toAttribiteName="attr2" toId="205"/>
        <attribute fromAttribiteName="attr1" fromId="206" toAttribiteName="attr2" toId="207"/>
      Thanks in advance.