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    How to access JNDI data source defined in weblogic 10.3.6

      I have created a JNDI data-source using my weblogic console but I am not able to access the object from my web application. Below are the details

      In weblogic 10.3.6, I have given the JNDI name for datasource as : java/mydb

      To get DB connection from my web application I have written this code in my web application:

      Context initContext = new InitialContext();
      DataSource ds = (DataSource)initContext.lookup("java:/comp/env/jdbc/mydb");
      jndiConnection = ds.getConnection();

      Earlier I was using Tomcat as server and I was able to get DB connection when I configured the resource details in the file tomcat/conf/server.xml, but when I am using started using weblogic server I am getting below error:

      Cannot establish DB connection to JNDI:java:/comp/env/jdbc/mydb While trying to look up /comp/env/jdbc/mydb in /app/webapp/sample.war/1811641702. caused by: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: While trying to look up /comp/env/jdbc/mydb in /app/webapp/sample.war/1811641702.; remaining name '/comp/env/jdbc/mydb'

      Please let me know where I am doing mistake, what is the process of accessing the JNDI object from my code.

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