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    wrong results using the SUM in XPATH- Edit data

      I have a problem when try to do a sum operation using the XPATH function on a set of decimal values:

      To explain it simple, a Service script(also have tried in BPA) which has a edit data step as below

      move '2108.39' to "parm/+listofpay/amt";
      move '1330.8' to "parm/+listofpay/amt";
      move '189.83' to "parm/+listofpay/amt";
      move '4561.12' to "parm/+listofpay/amt";
      move '480.55' to "parm/+listofpay/amt";
      move "sum(parm/listofpay/amt)" to "parm/totamt";

      and the schema is
      <totamt dataType="number"/>
      <listofpay type="list">
      <amt dataType="number"/>

      When tried to display(calling through a BPA) the parm/totamt i get a result 8670.68999999999 instead of 8670.69

      Oracle support says it a problem with rounding, how can we have a rounding problem in addition ?

      any suggestions please ?