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    Invalid place of checsums in links


      I have application migrated from apex 4.1.1 to 4.2.1. In application I use column links in IRs for accessing to detail grids. But on several pages I links like
      "f?p=100:3074:10459201833350::NO::P3074_PRN,P3074_TITLE:33456782,%26#x0410;дм. Амурской обл. от 16.01.2013"
      instead of
      "f?p=100:3074:10459201833350::NO::P3074_PRN,P3074_TITLE:33456782,Адм. Амурской обл. от 16.01.2013"
      And if I set Page Access Protection to Arguments Must have checksum then link is
      "f?p=100:3074:12422592578327::NO::P3074_PRN,P3074_TITLE:33456782,%26&cs=3B91A5FB749F488B84C95F9573A59DCFD#x0410;дм. Амурской обл. от 16.01.2013"

      Application Primary Language - Russian (ru)
      Application Language Derived From - Application Primary Language

      In all compatibility modes on several pages I have the same

      And after migration I have similar bug in apex builder, for example when I try to copy page with Saved LOV from other application, on page 625 I see "Быстрый доступ" instead of russian name ("Быстрый доступ") of this list. It isn't problem to use names in english, but there was no such behavior in previous versions.

      I try to create application on apex.oracle.com to display bug, but there is apex 4.2.2 and this bug doesn't repeat there.