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    Missing Developers Toolbar in 4.2 changing from runtime to full develop

    Jules Verhoeven

      By accident, i did an upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2 by using the runtime installation script apxerins.sql
      Afterwords I dit the move to full development using the instructions
      3.8.1 Converting a Runtime Environment to a Full Development Environment
      using @apxdvins.sql

      Everythings looks nice. There were no errors in the installation log
      select apex_instance_admin.get_parameter('INSTANCE_ID')
      from dual;
      results in a big number saying it should be ok.

      But there is NO DEVELOPER Toolbar available.

      Is there no any sql that solves this stupd problem?

      I created a new environment from my backup
      I did the upgrade again directly this time directly to Full Development and the the toolbar was there!

      If someone knows how to show the developers toolbar after convverting from runtime to development, please let us know