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    Installing Clusterware: INS-40912 - Virtual Host Name already assigned...

      Hi All,

      I'm in the middle of trying to install 11Gr2 clusterware on a RHEL box. I've registered with DNS the names for the public, vip and private and scan addresses for each node.

      Example, say node one has DNS entries for


      And so on for all 5 nodes. I've done this in the past with an older 11G install.

      I'm wondering why the installer is borking on this?

      Looking up on MOS, the documentation only shows:

      P: [INS-40912] Virtual host name: node.domain is assigned to another system on the network.

      S: Virtual host name should be unused and down as it's managed by CRS, "ping" can confirm

      So, do I need to have networking set something up differently? How do you make the entry non-pingable (i'm guessing this is the problem?)

      Thanks in advance,