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      • 15. Re: Re-Unable to get the correct page layout with standalone APEX Listener
        Colm Divilly-Oracle
        user8058501 wrote:
        When I run http://<server where the APEX listener runs>:7777/i/apex_version.txt
        I get the error:

        404 - Not Found
        We're sorry, the page you requested was not found.
        The value you provided when prompted to specify the location of your APEX static resources is incorrect, hence Listener cannot find the file named: apex_version.txt
        In this situation I see the blue/red colors that makes part of the APEX GUI interface.
        If you look at the branding carefully on that error page, you will see the product name displayed is Oracle Application Express Listener. This is a Listener generated error message, it is not part of the APEX GUI.
        If I run http://<server where the APEX listener run>:7777/apex
        I get a login page (as said above) with missing logos and colors, and when I enter login credentials the page "does not react"?
        This is because of the aforementioned problem with the location you specified for the APEX static resources. The APEX login page (and all APEX pages) need to reference the javascript, css and image resources that are located within /i/, since that is not configured properly, the APEX page fails to render properly.
        Could this have something to do with classpath? I have no set this global parameter?...
        Any other idea?
        Perform the following steps to diagnose your problem.

        *1. Determine where your configuration files are being stored*

        Type the following command:
        java -jar apex.war configdir
        This command will print out where your Listener configuration files are being stored. Note this location. If the following message is displayed then you have not yet specified the configuration file location:
        INFO: The config.dir setting is not set
        To address this use the configdir command to set the configuration folder:
        java -jar apex.war configdir /path/to/config/folder
        replacing */path/to/config/folder* with the path to the folder where you want to store the configuration data. Please choose a persistent location, do not use a temporary folder or any location that is likely to be deleted.

        then do
        java -jar apex.war
        If the configuration folder is empty you will be prompted to specify the configuration information again, please ensure you enter a correct location for the APEX static resources. Please use absolute paths, do not use environment variables, they will NOT be evaluated.

        *2. Check the location Standalone Mode is searching for static resources in*

        Standalone Mode only prompts for the location of the APEX resources on first run, after that it remembers the location in the Listener configuration folder (the location of which you noted in the previous step), in a file named apex.properties. Check the contents of this file, looking for a setting named: apex.images. If this file or setting is not present then Standalone Mode configuration has not yet been completed.

        Double check that the location specified is correct, by attempting to list the contents of apex_version.txt
        more /path/to/apex/images/specified/by/apex.images/apex_version.txt
        replacing */path/to/apex/images/specified/by/apex.images* with the location specified by the apex.images setting

        You should see content like the following:
        Application Express Version:  4.2.1
        If you do not see this content, or the version number does not match your APEX version then your apex.images value is incorrect. Once again environment variables are NOT permitted.

        *$ORACLE_HOME/apex/images* is NOT a correct value, */u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/apex/images* is a correct value.

        *3. Change the value of apex.images*

        To fix the value of apex.images setting use the --apex-images* option of the standalone command.
        java -jar apex.war standalone --apex-images /correct/path/to/apex/images
        Replacing */correct/path/to/apex/images* with the location where your APEX images are stored.
        • 16. Re: Re-Unable to get the correct page layout with standalone APEX Listener
          I have found more clues.
          The whole APEX has been migrated but the directory naming was not clear enough to identify which one was the right one or not.
          I came to this thought with your remark Tim, "Most likely you are pointing to a images library set for a different version".
          I just let point the APEX Listener to the right resource directory (or in my situation, the copied directory - to simulate the "mini HTTP server").
          I have performed the same test having a specific OS user to start/top the APEX Listener (I prefer to separate both database and APEX Listener roles).
          Once again, my great thanks to you Tim and Udo!!
          I will mark this thread as answered.

          Kind Regards.
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