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    refresh a display only item value when another item value changes!

    Khadija Khalfallah
      Hi everyone,

      I am developing an apex application using Apex 4.1.1 and Oracle 11.2.

      I have a page in which I have 2 regions:

      * region 1 is a report that gets all the titles of my news_table.
      * region 2 is a region in which I have a display only item to display the text of the corresponding message.

      I have also a hidden item to store the selected title from the report list.

      What I want to do is when I click on a title in the news_report (link), set the value of the hidden item with the "title" value --> OK! and then the display only item gets the value of the corresponding text of the message according to the title selected.

      I have so created a dynamic action that fires on Change of the "P151_TITEL" hidden item and with the "setValue" true Action with :

      ** Action = setValue
      ** Type = SQL Statement
      ** Code = (select new_title from t_news where new_title=:P151_TITEL)
      ** Affected items = P151_TEXT_NEW

      But nothing is happen when I click from one to a different title.

      Has anyone any idea about that issue ?

      I have also followed this thread : Dynamically Changing item values but problem not resolved!

      Thanks for help.

      Kind regards,
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          Sounds like you have a server side process that updates the value but nothing to refresh the view on the client side.

          Try adding a second "TRUE" action to your dynamic action that refreshes region2 using javascript

          you will need to assign a static ID to region2 (say your called it region_2)

          then you will use:


          Or simply add a 'Refresh' event and select the region if you don't want to bother with the javascript. Just some regions don't work with this setup for some reason.

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