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    Backup for all workspaces and applciations

      Hi All,

      We are having around 20 workspace and number of applications in one instance.

      Now, we are going to upgrade from APEX 4.1 to 4.2.2.

      Please suggest or share some helpful documents for the best backup methods.

      I should take the entire instance backup, if anything goes wrong i should restore all the workspace and applications.

      Current version : APEX 4.1
      Oracle HTTP server with mod pl/sql

      Thanks in advance.

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          Scott Wesley
          When looking at backing up your applications, this may help - although may need adjusting slightly, it was written in 2010 and there are slight version differences
          Though I think there is little threat to losing your applications.

          An instance backup would be handy, if some applications need adjusting it may be beneficial to have a working model available.