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    routing question


      I am running solaris 10 sparc and it's got four network ports on it.

      e1000g0 and e1000g1 are from 192.168.10.x

      e1000g2 and e1000g3 are from 192.168.20.x

      g0 and g1 are part of one IPMP group and g2, g3 are part of another.

      Zones using g0 and g1 are behind load balancer(network device) and zones using g2 and g3 are behind another load balancer.

      I have added gateway/host specific routes for the two subnets using route add command except for monitoring system's routes. Load balanceing device is adding to the complexities.

      We wish that the monitoring system which has only one IP to be connected via two different gateways when used by the two networks.

      Load balancer ip is different for the two subnets.

      Host GW network Interface
      monitoringsystem IP of LB( 192.168.10.x e1000g0 + e1000g1 <--Routes already in places
      Monitoringsystem IP of LB( 192.168.20.x e1000g2 + e1000g3 <--How to achieve this?

      So, how should I make connections from monitoring system to zones on 192.168.20.x subnet to use as the gateway?