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    sql developer newbie queries


      After installing SQL developer to my PC, do I have to install Oracle client in my PC as well to connect to Oracle DB in the servers?

      Thanks in advance.
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          No - connectivity is handled via JDBC in the tool itself, so you can connect right away. Assuming, of course, that you have a database running somewhere to connect to.

          If you have an Oracle Client, there are a few benefits to using it with SQL Developer, namely better query cancellation support, some XML feature support, and the ability to change your expired passwords.
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            What could be the problem with message "no ocijdbc in java.library.path" when I tried to connect to the Oracle DB from SQL Developer?
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              Gary Graham-Oracle
              That condition arises if ...

              1. Your Tools -> Preferences -> Database -> Advanced -> Use OCI/Thick driver setting is checked but you either have no Oracle client software installed or SQL Developer is having trouble finding it (perhaps the ORACLE_HOME environment variable is not set properly or something similar).
              2. You use Connection Type: TNS with the Connect Identifier option, which requires OCI.

              So decide if you need OCI/Thick or not and adjust your environment as needed. If you want to read a longer discussion of this issue, here is a thread from over a year ago on this forum, which in turn references another good discussion thread:
              Test failed - no ocijdbc11 in java.library.path
              no ocijdbc11 in java.library.path (Win 7)

              SQL Developer Team
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                I've been using PL/SQL for a while, but have a new issue.

                A DBA has set up my account with an expired password. The thought is that I will log in the first time and change the password. The reality is that I cannot create the connection with the expired password. I currently have the thin client installed.

                In order to create the new connection, what else do I need to install?

                The database is Oracle 11g (at least I assume it is, I can't tell until I can log in). I'm running Mac OS X 10.7.5
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                  Gary Graham-Oracle
                  You will have to install the Oracle Instant Client. Pick the appropriate one for your OS and Oracle DB version:

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                    Welcome to the forum!
                    I've been using PL/SQL for a while, but have a new issue.
                    In the future when you have a question or issue you should create your own thread.

                    Asking your question in another user's thread is considered HIJACKING and is inappropriate.

                    This thread is ONLY for comments, questions and suggestions for the OP (original poster). That is who we are trying to help in this thread.

                    Responders need to be able to focus on the original question asked and direct their reponses to them. It can be very confusing when someone else starts asking questions about their own problem. Your version of sql developer is likely to be different as is you OS and/or configuration and even how you are using the product.

                    The same courtesy will be extended to you in YOUR thread.