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    How to pass the value of the form element “SR ID” on the URL in Apex

    Sruthi Tamiri
      Hi All Good Day!!

      I am new to Oracle Application Express, i have been started working from past 2 months. I have a request from client, how we can achieve the same in Apex. Please find the
      deatils below.

      In my application we have a text item as "SR Number", for that filed they want below scenerio to be work around, could some one help me for the below request.

      Check the incoming request for a passed parameter and set it to a value using something like this Request.querystring(“p_t10”). If nothing is passed the form is set up with a blank in the SR ID field, if a value was passed you populate the field, perhaps the log-in page can pick-up the parameter and store it in the session to later be put on the form after successful log-in.

      Label: SR ID
      Name: p_t10
      ID: P1_ENG_SID
      URL: http://sampletest.com:6666/pls/temp/f?p=123:1&p_t10=495694-94583875

      Below are the deatils of mine Apex versions#

      Apex Build:
      Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bi
      Schema Compatibility: 2007.05.25
      PL/SQL Release
      TNS for Solaris: Version
      Internet EXplorer-7