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    Type cast weblogic.jdbc.wrapper.ResultSet to OracleResultSet

      Hello, I have a application using Spring 3.5 , Hibernate 3.6 and deployed over weblogic 10.3.4.
      This application running fine when i was using the c3po connection pooling, but when i switch to use the weblogic connection pooling, I started getting issues while retriving the XMLTYPE object from database.

      This issue what i am facing is when i am trying to type cast the weblogic wrapper resultset to Oracleresultset i am getting a type casting issue.
      Below is the code...
      Can anyone please help me to find out how to type cast the weblogic wrapper objects. I am stuck on this issue for more thn a week now.. Please help me..

      public Object nullSafeGet( ResultSet rs, String [ ] names, Object arg2 )
      throws HibernateException, SQLException
      System.out.println("rs ========= "+rs.getClass());
      System.out.println("rs ========= "+rs.getClass().getName());
      weblogic.jdbc.wrapper.ResultSet wlsResultSet = (weblogic.jdbc.wrapper.ResultSet) rs;
      System.out.println("wlsResultSet ========= "+wlsResultSet.getClass().getName());
      OracleResultSet oracleResultSet = (OracleResultSet) wlsResultSet.getVendorObj();
      System.out.println("ors ========= "+oracleResultSet.getClass().getName());
      XMLType xmlType = XMLType.createXML(oracleResultSet.getOPAQUE(names[0]));
      //XMLType xmlType = (XMLType)rs.getObject(names[0]);
      return (xmlType != null)?xmlType.getDOM():null;