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    Siebel Login Page incomplete

      Hi all,

      we have been installing Siebel 8.1 and the innovation patch ( in order to test new features. Install process has been smooth, no particular issues or problems have been arisen and Gateway, Enterprise and Server are available (we can start servermanager without problems).

      But when trying to display login page, it appears incomplete, no colors or usual images are being shown and we can't log in into the application (there are script errors in the browser that doesn't allow us to login).

      I have reviewed the directory folders, and it seems that some usual folders in the SWEApp directory are missing (images, help, files and so on). This issue is also happening with the base version (

      I downloaded the software from eDelivery platform as usual.

      Did anyone experience this kind of issue?

      Any ideas or suggestions to fix this will be highly appreciated.

      Best regards.

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          Did you install the images provided in the following post on Supportweb?

          Images Files on Screen Tabs Required for High Interactivity Clients in Innovation Pack 2012 [ID 1511448.1]

          And you might want to go through:
          Siebel Open UI Best Practices - Deployment Guide [ID 1499842.1]

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            Check if doc ID 1541218.1 on support.oracle.com can be related with your problem. If not provide the OS and Web Server versions you are using.

            Hope it helps,

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              Hi all,

              Wilson, I performed a one shot install ( + and considering the information contained in the document that you provided, it could be possible that the installing process steps have not been performed in the appropiate order.

              I tried to workaround this copying manually the missing folders (images, help and files) from siebsrvr/WEBMASTER to SWEAPP/Public/enu and the login page now is rendered successfully.

              I also have generated manually the following folder "<sweapp>\PUBLIC\ENU\<Build#>" and copied "scripts" and "applets" folder from "siebsrvr\WEBMASTER\siebel_build" path and now I'm able to login into the application. It seems that the SWSE installer didn't generate these folders at SWEApp level.

              Nevertheless I will try to reinstall using 2 steps, first and then innovation patch ( just to be sure that all folders in SWEApp are generated automatically by the wizard installer.

              Many thanks for your suggestions!!


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                We are facing the login page incomplete issue while installing siebel . We tried manually copying the images, help and files folder from siebsrvr\webmaster to swseapp\public\enu folder and still the login page is not displaying properly with the login button. I followed all the support article in oracle and was not able to get the login page.


                Any thoughts or suggestion will be appreciated.