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    Package called twice on click of a button due to time issue


      I have an APEX page on one database say S1 and a package on another database say s2. I have created dblinks between them. In S1 , the apex page has a button and a process linked to it. When I click that button, the process calls the package on S2.
      This package takes almost 15-20 mins to complete.
      The issue I face here is after the 7th minute, this package gets resubmitted. I have done a lot of testing and checked it. It works perfectly when I run it from the backend. I also split the processing in the package into two and created two diff buttons, it works fine.
      I want the whole package to be run on the click of this one button. I want some ideas/solutions for this.
      I do not want to change the Apache timeout directive.
      One option I have is to call this package using dbms_job / APEX_PLSQL_JOB .
      Not sure if we can call a package over a dblink using this.
      If so can anyone let me know how its done or point to links. Or if anyone has any better idea on how to deal with this, pls suggest.
      Thank you.