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    Java Stub missing xmlns in Web Service Call

      I am using Forms 10g 10.1.2 to connect the a Web Service built in .Net 4 WCF.

      I have built the STUB in jdeveloper and imported it to Forms.

      However, when I submit the WS call, the input parameters are present, but the request is malformed. The xmlns (namespace) for the DataType is missing from the call.

      I have read through the stub code, and do not see where it was imported from the WSDL file. However, when I look at the .SVC file, it is clearly present.

      I have not been successful in finding a way to hack the Stub Code to manually add the missing namespace.

      I am getting the xmlns:xsi and xmlns:xsd but not the xmlns:com which should hold the data type uri.

      Any suggestions.

      We are trying not to fall back to the an ASMX definition. The goal is to stay with WCF.