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    Bonus Calculation

      Currently, the OIC bonus calculation calculates the bonus amount for each salesrep_id/plan element text and inserts the value as a single record into the cn_commission_lines table. We want to know if we can calculate the bonus amount for the combination of salesrep_id/plan element text/attribute field from headers?

      •     Also, how would this impact the create worksheet
      •     Freeze
      •     Pay payrun processes during month end.

      We have an attribute field that contains our assigned salesrep number. One salesrep id can have multiple assigned salesrep number. Right now the bonus calculation is calculating based on salesrep id and we would like to calculate the bonus amount based on the assigned salesrep number. So, in headers and lines table instead of just one record for each salesrep id/plan element text that bonus calculation would insert, we would like a row for each assigned salesrep number. Please let us know if we can achieve this using the delivered bonus calculation. If you have any suggestions/recommendation, please let me know.

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