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    Solaris with ZFS Dedup on HP DL380p G8

      Hi list,

      i am trying to install a recent solaris (or one of it's derivates) on a new HP DL380p machine with dual Intel E5-2665 CPUs. Until now without success.

      Solaris 11.1 text, booted from cd, panics when starting the installation after selecting the language and keyboard layout.
      OpenIndiana 151a does not find the system disks on the P420 Smart Array controller
      Solaris 10 1/13 boots and installs fine, but has no zfs dedup, which actually is the main reason to setup this machine.

      On Solaris 11 I suspected the driver for the P420 to cause the panic and disabled it in the system BIOS and in the grub kernel options. Still no succes :(

      I know this machine has no Oracle certification for any Solaris and HP lists it only as Solaris 10 compatible.

      Any hints would be really appreciated!

      Kind regards,