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    Problem with SWT Browser control in app started via JNLP and IBM JVM.

      We have an app that uses SWT Browser control to navigate to a web page containing an applet. The problem detected is that the app hangs when accesing that web page _if we launch it via JNLP and the IBM 1.6.0 version of the JVM_ (required by a project statement). However, if we launch the app:

           - In standalone mode: It works fine, no matter which JVM we use it (*SUN* or IBM's).
           - Via JNLP but with the SUN 1.6.0_25 JVM, it works perfectly too.
           - Via JNLP but with the IBM 1.4.2 JVM, it works perfectly too.

      As the JNLP file used for the three JNLP tests is the same, we have made a dumo of the System.Properties in separate files for each test, but the differences remarked doesn't seem important or they are so many that they don't suggest us which one could be the cause of the problem.

      Regarding the properties of the Java "Control Panel" of each JVM, all of them are equals except:
           - "Java Runtime Environment Configuration": Each one uses the versión installed of its own JVM, obviously.
           - "Use ClientHello compatible with SSL 2.0 format": Unchecked in SUN JVM and non-present in IBM's Control Panel.

      Kind regards.