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    synthetic events

      I've been looking at synthetic events. I get that they are effectively Eviction/Expiry events as described here : http://coherence.oracle.com/display/COH35UG/Deliver+events+for+changes+as+they+occur#Delivereventsforchangesastheyoccur-Advanced%3ASyntheticEvents

      There is a method on binaryEntry.remove(synthetic) which suggests I should be able to make my remove look synthetic (since I don't want to trigger the cacheStore)

      The following link suggests this should work : http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23332_01/coh.360/e15725/com/tangosol/util/InvocableMap.Entry.html#remove_boolean_

      However, if I give it a whirl I can see Eviction/Expiry events being synthetic, but my binary remove not being.

      Is this as expected?

      Many thanks,