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    Oracle EBS R12 - - Logical Standby Database & RMAN backups

      Hi all,

      I have Oracle EBusiness Suite R12 running on Our organization used to have most of the business in North America, South America and Europe; but now we are also in Australia, China and Indonesia. Previously running large reporting batch jobs and RMAN backups at night time in USA was feasible but now that is beginning to show up as performance issue for some countries.

      I was thinking would it make sense to have a Active Data Guard logical standby database on a separate server in the same US based data center where we have our main servers and use that logical standy database for reporting and RMAN backups. I am especially concerned about RMAN backups. Would I be able to make RMAN backups from the logical standy database and somehow use those to recover our primary database if some issue happens?

      Any thoughts/suggestions?

      Thanks all,