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    when-mouse-doubleclick and LOV

      I have two text items

      text_item1, text_item2.

      On when-mouse-doubleclick trigger of text item 1, I mentioned the following:

      :block.text_item2 := :block.text_item1

      Meaning, as soon as we double click on text_item1, the text in text_item1 gets copied to text_item2


      There is an LOV on text_item1, So after applying the when-mouse-doubleclick....

      If text_item1 and text_item2 are not the same, If I double click on text_item1, lov appers, I press cancel because I dont want to change anything, but now the text in

      text_item2 changes because of when-mouse-doubleclick on text_item1 (Gets copied)


      How can I make it possible that if I press cancel on LOV of text_item1, the text in text_item2 does not get copied from text_item1 ?