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    What IP should I configure for openfiler VM ?

      Grid version :
      Guest OS           : Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.3
      Host OS           : Windows 7 (64-bit )
      Hypervisor : Virtual Box 4.2.6

      I am planning to set up a 2-node RAC using VirtualBox.
      We are going to use OpenFiler as the storage appliance. So, totally 3 VMs (2 RAC Nodes + 1 OpenFiler VM)
      Public network details of RAC nodes
      IP Series     : 192.168.0.XXXX
      Netmask      :
      Private network details of RAC nodes
      IP Series     :
      Netmask      :
      Below mentioned is the /etc/hosts file
       # volga214 - Node1     volga214.stomper.net     volga214             volga214-priv1     volga214-vip.stomper.net     volga214-vip
       # volga215 - Node2     volga215.stomper.net     volga215             volga215-priv1     volga215-vip.stomper.net     volga215-vip
       # volga213 -- Openfiler server (iSCSI Target server)
       xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx     volga213.stomper.net     volga213
      I have to configure two NICs for Openfiler VM.
      a. eth0 -- Public Network
      b. eth1 -- For storage traffic
      What should be the IP series and Netmask for eth0 and eth1 for the Openfiler VM ?