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    Relative URL Paths - To Use or Not To Use

      That is the question! :-) (OK, not much of a Hamlet joke, but I tried.)


      I have an APEX application that uses Image Maps with hotspots. The hotspots have 'hard coded' URL's in them. This causes some minor problems when going from Dev to Test to Prod. Not big issues, but maybe they can be eliminated with a relative URL path. That brings up a few questions -

      1 - Should I use relative URL paths in the hotspots? My main concern - Are there security concerns if I don't use the full path, with domain, etc.

      2 - If using a relative URL path is the way to go - how much of the domain, etc. portion of the URL can I omit and still have the URL work?

      3 - Is the answer to #2 dependent on what the HTTP server is and how it is configured?

      Thanks in advance, Tony