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    Clarification regarding g_notification / g_print_success_message

    Scott Wesley

      I'm seeking clarification regarding the potential usage & behaviour of the apex_application globals g_notification & g_print_success_message.

      The package specification doesn't supply specific information, nor does the API documentation
      and there seems to be conflicting information of various age in the forums.

      While experimenting today with theme 25 in 4.2.1, I noticed the following when setting variables (hopefully makes sense)

      Set variable direct from PL/SQL Page process
      g_notification did not display
      g_print_success_message displayed using success class via &success_message parameter

      On load application process from message set in application item
      g_notification displayed using notification class (although appeared slightly shorter with no auto-fade)
      g_print_success_message displayed using success class

      Would it be possible for the APEX team to suggest the current preferred method for customising notifications from the PL/SQL process?
      And if there are any other considerations to be made?