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    Repeating groups in BI publisher report

      I wanted to create report in BI Publisher like below

      Dept No Dept Name
      10 Dept1
      Emp No Emp Name Salary
      100 Emp1 1000
      101 Emp2 2000
      Sub Total : 3000
      Dept No Dept Name
      20 Dept2
      Emp No Emp Name Salary
      102 Emp3 1100
      104 Emp4 2210
      Sub Total : 3310
      Grand Total : 6310

      Please share pointer on this.
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          Jorge Anicama
          That is very easy. Do this:

          1. Define two for-loops
          a) the first will loop through the different departments
          b) the second will loop through the diff employees in each department
          2. At the end of the second loop define a calculation in the template to give you
          the totals for emp salaries.

          An example of this is here:
          (item Completing the Example)

          This picture:
          In your case VENDOR_NAME becomes your department and
          INVOICE_NUM becomes employee number.

          Jorge Anicama
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            Thanks for pointers.