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    Strage behaviour Mouse moves for require fields (forms 10g)

      Hi All,
      I am facing this problem in many forms designed using Oracle Forms 10g, explaning it with a situation below:

      1. employee Form have different fields some of are require and validation also define using when-validate-trigger
      2. now Manager field have LOV(validate from list is true) and validation is also there (e.g. manager age > employee age etc.)
      3. User move to DOB field (require is set to true when use try to press Enter/or try to leave the field) System/Form Halt it but...
      4. If user move the cursor using mouse to Manager field (holding the LEFT Mouse button, as we due during drag and drop) and change the value and release/left the Mouse Button again system/form halt for DOB is required but the manager value has been changed (no validation)

      5. When use press Save, system save the record with wrong value in Manager field.

      I have used Oracle Forms 6i and never faced this kind of issues there.

      Please help me resolve this situation

      Thank you

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      Edited by: shahid_ahmed_patel on May 3, 2013 9:51 AM