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    ASP Web Page to Oracle APEX - Solution Advice

      Hi All

      Its been a while since I last posted, but have been churning out the APEX apps ever since. I've got a business scenario that I'd like some advice on, with a bit of tech guidance.

      At present, I've got a client with a lot of online forms using ASP. I've been asked to replace these with APEX - not a problem there and not much convincing required on my part!

      Now, the ASP forms are delivered using Microsoft Windows machines in an Active Directory environment. When a user completes the form/opens it, the code in the ASP page derives the details of the user - based on their windows login, and returns information like Job Title, Full Name etc.

      If I'm to replace the ASP stuff with APEX, the customer will be after something more.

      How could I replicate this functionality? Any advice?

      BTW, the customer does not want to have to get the user to login to the online form system again, so AD authentication on this work is out of the window (sorry, bit of a joke there).