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    vb.net Mobile Libraries?

      I'm a developer, I need to connect to a Oracle database using vs.net 2008 for mobile application. I install Oracle Data Access Components, and i can see the objects to develop on windows applications, but i dont know if Oracle has mobile libraries. How can i connect to oracle with an vb.net Mobile app.

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          Can you define "mobile"? Are you trying to develop something for Windows Phone, or do you just need a library you can embed in a .net application?

          If it's the second one, the Managed Provider is what you need. It's currently in beta though, with a production version due out eventually. You can find information on that here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/dotnet/whatsnew/index.html

          If you're trying to create a Windows Phone application, the best bet will be to create a web service that connects to Oracle and handles your database functionality, and connect your mobile application to the service.

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            Yes its to develop a windows phone app with oracle
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              Then your best bet is to build a web service and have your vb.net program connect to that. That's what the Windows Phone libraries are optimized for.

              The managed client I linked might work on Windows Phone, I haven't tried it. But I wouldn't use it in that environment.