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    APEX tabular form paging issue

      I have a tabular form containing several columns. I am trying to perform calculations on fields that are not visible on the form when loaded, one must scroll to see this information. The calculations all work fine until I start to page thru the data. Once I perform a paging action the calculations stop working. I did a follow up experiment to shorten the form by only displaying the calculation fields. Once they became visable on the form the calculations worked as expected even during paging events. Our version of APEX is Has anyone else experienced this and how did you overcome the problem?
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          Howard (... in Training)

          Say, could we get a name -- could you change your "1003803" handle to a name/nickname so we know whom we are talking to? I'm Howard.

          Questions: (to clarify)
          1) This is the first time you have had his problem? Yes/No?
          2) Have you only had it since upgrading to 4.2? Yes/No?
          3) Is this a brand new application -- not one you have had working before? Yes/No?
          4) So, it works on page 1 but not on page 2 and following? Yes/No?
          5) Have you tried copying this application to a new application (number) to verify that the problem persists in the new copy? Yes/No?
          6) I assume there may be many pages in your application. Have you tried writing a new application with just this offending report to see if you can easily replicate the problem? Yes/No?

          Any chance of getting a (free) account on apex.oracle.com and replicating the problem there with some trivial example data. Perhaps you could export / import your report there since you are aready 4.2.

          Good luck.