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    We can't boot Sun Fire X4170 M3 server with Solaris 10 (x86_64) and ZFS

      On my server I have installed Solaris 10 update 11 with zfs, apply the Recommended Patchset for Solaris 10 x86, I'm also setting up whole zones.

      My problem is that at least after installing operating system patches package and reboot my server, it does not load the operating system

      Booting 'Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 s10x_u11wos_24a X86'

      findroot (pool_tepepanpool, 0,a)
      Filesystem type is zfs, partition type 0xbf
      kernel$ /platform/i86pc/multiboot -B $ZFS-BOOTFS
      loading '/platform/i86pc/multiboot -B $ZFS-BOOTFS' ...

      Error 15: File not found

      Press any key to continue ...

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