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    Autovue perfomance

      We have some performance issues with AutoVue. We have identified that the client (autovueapplet/autovue) do request/actions we are not interested in.
      The request (actions in DMS) we would like to skip is RENDITIONS, CSI_MARKUPS, XREFS. We have tested to remove these actions in the WEB-XML file with no success.

      Do you know any way to change what actions the client will use in the handshake with the DMS integration.

      We think that the amount of request is a bottleneck when used in abroad offices with limited internet speed. An alternative approach could be if one request could include all actions.

      /Mikael Hertzman
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          George AV
          Hi Mikael,

          These requests are done by the AutoVue server to the DMS integration, not the AutoVue applet/client.
          This is why we recommend that the integration be placed as close as possible to the AutoVue server.

          We have several integrations that work pretty well. The main bottle necks that we see are usually when the integration takes a long time to search for all the XRefs.

          If you have offices in different geographic locations, I recommend trying to place an integration close to each AutoVue server (not client).

          This is usually not what we recommend, we usually ask to deploy the integration close to the DMS because it performs multiple requests to the DMS for each AutoVue action (still within the same geographic location), but in your case, there are not renditions, no XRefs and no Markups supported, so most of the responses are likely to be empty.