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    Problems generating pdf with Bi Publisher.

    Andres Vilallave
      I have installed Bi Publisher trial for test printing capabilites from apex 4.2. on a oracle enterprise linux with 11g express edition.
      The BI publisher is up and running and installed at same machine where 11g express edition and apex are installed (
      I can login on it on http://localhost:7001/xmlpserver/
      (localhost is

      After that, i have configured apex like this:

      Server: Oracle Bi Publisher
      protocol: http
      host: (also tried with "http://localhost" "localhost" and ""
      port: 7001
      script: /xmlpserver/convert

      But it doesn't work. The pdf generated with apex are text files containing the next error:

      <pre>error de informe:
      ORA-20001: No se ha podido acceder al motor de impresi├│n debido a que la direcci├│n URL especificada es incorrecta o a que se debe especificar una direcci├│n URL de proxy.</pre>

      ora-20001 it can't access to the printer engine , incorrect url.

      need i upload the "convert" script to the BIP server?

      need i restart some service or server after installing and configure apex and bi publisher?

      Tnanks in advance.

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