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    Package Apps > Customer Tracking > Modal Page > how to pass parameter

      On package application "Customer Tracking", there is good example about Modal Page. Quite simple but it work quite nicely.
      The step to create this Modal Page:
      - Create new region, set display poinrt: After Header and use region template: Modal Region and set the Static ID (eg. ActivityModal)
      - Create the page item and put it on the above region (eyample: Name, Company etc.)
      - Create a button, set the action to "Redirect to URL" and enter the URL target to: javascript:openModal('ActivityModal');

      Now when you click on the button, the modal page will be display.

      My question:

      How can I pass a parameter to the modal page, example: I want to pass text 'Johnny' to the Name page item which is on the modal region.

      Any idea ?