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    XE 11g HTTP

      Hi All,

      OK, boos and hisses out the way, I have an MS background, sorry. But a client of mine wanted some work on his Oracle application. Me and Google volunteered - it was successful and I then did much the same for their Apex application. I loved it so thought I'd set myself an 11g XE instance and learn more. Its Windows 2008 BTW.

      Holy cow! The admin side blows my mind. There seems so much information out here how to do things but I cannot follow any of it. I dont even seem to have a directory structure that matches any of your advice. Is there no UI to do this is or is it all command line and Notepad?

      I have XE installed, the DB runs and APEX runs OK. What I'd like to do, is simply create a website with a little HTML/PHP, that can branch off to some other apps that I want to port.

      Is this even possible? Can anyone provide a simple piece of guidance or a link to do this?

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          The "Getting Started" doc is a good starter spot ... http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17781_01/admin.112/e18585/toc.htm
          have an MS background
          No worries, one must start somewhere ;) we have lots of mssql servers to manage although I'm much happier on a unix box ;)

          Its pretty much the same thing, more alike than not.

          In windows setting the "Quick Edit" checkbox on your command box properties can be a big help, drag to highlight, press enter to copy text to the clipboard. Works much like a linux desktop. Well, not exactly ... ;)
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            Appreciate it. Its a fraction clearer