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    Xquery request (take a webpage...etc)

      Hi everyone !

      I'd like to write an Xquery request that does the following things :

      we connect to a page web, we "take it", we separate the words, we sort out
      the words, we classify them by frequency, and we analyze the pertinence of
      the words in relation to the web page (we can also think about how to get rid
      of the words that are not relevant (for example, for a web page of a recipe,
      we only want to keep the words like butter, eggs....))

      I know that we have to use the following elements for the request:
      - request:http
      - index-off
      - count

      This request can be done through the software BaseX but I don't really know
      how to start the request...

      Thank you for your help :)