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    Database App Development VM: Corrupted Oracle_Developer_Day.ova

      Hi All,

      I'm trying to install Pre-built Database App Development VM.

      I followed OTN Pre-Workshop Setup Instructions (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/enterprise-edition/databaseappdev-vm-161299.html), downloaded and successfully installed VM VirtualBox.

      Downloaded Oracle_Developer_Day.ova. It size is near 1.6GB instead of 4.3GB declared on OTN Downloads page.

      Got error importing image:

      Can't import virtual machine image file I:\Oracle_Developer_Day.ova.
      Could not create the clone medium 'E:\VM\Oracle Developer Days\Oracle_Developer_Day-disk2.vmdk'.
      VMDK: Compressed image is corrupted 'I:\Oracle_Developer_Day-disk2.vmdk' (VERR_ZIP_CORRUPTED).
      Summary code: VBOX_E_FILE_ERROR (0x80BB0004)
      Component: Appliance
      Interface: IAppliance {3059cf9e-25c7-4f0b-9fa5-3c42e441670b}

      I tried downloading directly by use of Google Chrome download, used download manager as well.
      (link to file http://download.oracle.com/otn/other/virtualbox/dd/Oracle_Developer_Day.ova).
      The results were exactly the same: file size 1 604 016 Kb.

      Has anybody encounteredr/solved such an error?

      Thank you,