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    Oracle apps r12 login error 404 not found


      When i try to open oracle apps login page below error is raising. Could you please help me to fix this issue.

      404 Not Found
      OracleJSP: An error occurred. Consult your application/system administrator for support. Programmers should consider setting the init-param debug_mode to "true" to see the complete exception message.

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          Carlo den Otter-Oracle
          Hello Anill,

          Were there any changes to the environment?
          Does running autoconfig and restarting the apps tier processes help? Otherwise enable debug as per Note 419839.1 : "How to enable Apache, OC4J and OPMN logging in Oracle Applications R12".

          If this does not help you might raise a service request with Oracle Support.

          Regards, Carlo den Otter.
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            Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
            Please post the details of the application release, database version and OS.

            Was this working before? If yes, any changes been done since then?

            Can you find any errors in Apache/Database log files?

            Please run AutoConfig and make sure it completes successfully.

            Also, please compile JSP files as per (Blank Page Accessing R12 - 'Missing class: _RF' in OACore application.log [ID 467562.1]).

            If you still get the same error, please check Apache log files for details about this error.

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              My problem is solved. By using below query i fetched records having profile option value as 'http://apps.oracle.com:8000'.

              select profile_option_id,profile_option_value
              from fnd_profile_option_values
              where profile_option_id in ('1000903','1002597','1000891')and profile_option_value='http://apps.oracle.com:8000';

              And i updated profile option value as 'http://apps.oracle.com:8000/oa_servlets' by using below query.

              update fnd_profile_option_values
              set profile_option_value='http://apps.oracle.com:8000/oa_servlets'
              where profile_option_id in ('1000903','1002597','1000891')
              and profile_option_value='http://apps.oracle.com:8000';
              After records updated, oracle apps login page is opened.

              Thanks & Regards,
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                What were the changes done earlier? How come suddenly log-in page not working?