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    Bug APEX 4.2: List Templates cuts off definition on output

      Just found a new behaviour in APEX 4.2.2 after upgrading an application from APEX 4.0.

      In that application we are using nested APEX Lists to display a sidebar menu. In APEX 4.0 everything worked fine, after the upgrade i found that APEX 4.2.2 now ignores parts of the template definition.

      I also built a repcase on a brand new app as repcase (id 14328) on apex.oracle.com which can be accessed by the APEX dev team on demand.

      To illustrate my point, this is for example the definition of "List Template Current with Sublist Items":
      <div class="menue #A01#">
      <li class="current"><a href="#LINK#">#TEXT#</a></li>
      Problem here is, that on page rendering everything after the closing anchor tag is cut off. That obviously breaks the generated HTML structure.

      I haven't found anything documented on that behaviour and therefor would qualify that as a bug.



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