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    Oracle Service Bus to IBM MQ v7.0 Integration Issue ISO-8859-1 Encoding


      This is the issue we badly struggling with for a few days..

      I"ve a MQ proxy service listening to MQ REQUEST queue and when message is arrived to proxy, do some service callouts to local protcol proxy services and reply back to MQ REPLY queue on the same Listener Proxy. This is working good without any issues.
      However, when I want to route reply through MQ business service, the message is going to *MQ reply queue with encoding="ISO-8859-1*". but expected requirement is to publish a message *with encoding="UTF-8"* which I'm not able to do. Hence MQ is rejecting the message.

      Working path: MQ <--> MQ proxy <-->DynamicRouting<-->Local Proxy
      *NOT Working Path: REQUEST MQ --> MQ proxy -->DynamicRouting -->Response Route Line -->For Loop -->Publish-->MQ Business Service-->REPLY MQ*

      Transport Headers I'm passing to Outbound Request: mq:putApplicationName, mq:Format

      MQ v7.0
      OSB v11.1.1.5

      Could you please help and guide me where I'm wrong and which property I need to set explicitly to achieve this.

      Thank you

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