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    HTree issues

      hi all
      please i need help to add checkbox to my Htree, i'm using oracle forms 10g r2 .
      i searched many time on sites there is no body talking about how can i do this
      if any body know how please post the way to do that with steps

      thanks alot

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          I assume you want to put checkboxes next to the labels on tree nodes. Well, the implementation of trees since the introduction of jQuery trees in APEX does not allow html in the labels and has no additional attributes to allow what you want to do. I have always considered the implementation to be poor.
          However, there is a plugin which allows this. See: http://www.apex-plugin.com/oracle-apex-plugins/dynamic-action-plugin/html-markup-for-apex-tree_174.html
          Please note the security warning: You must not build the tree values with any values that derive from the user. (susceptible to cross-site scripting attacks)

          Maybe you could add this plugin and then use APEX_ITEM.CHECKBOX in the tree's query. I haven't tried it but I think it would work.

          Regards, Garry

          p.s. I just notices that you wrote that you were using "oracle forms 10g r2" Does this mean that this is not an Application Express question?

          If so, forget the above.


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            Thanks alot for your answer ..
            i post my question her becouse i found who talking about same issue.

            thats write i'm using oracle forms 10g r2 so, where can i post this question ??