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    Discrete job qty - completing partial qty

      Can any one help me regarding, partial completion of a discrete job.

      For 1 FG item, i need 2qty of A & 3qty of B where as (item cost of A is 2$) & (item cost of b is 4$), 1 fg cost is 2*2+3*4=16$

      when i created a job of 10 qty, which is having BOM of materials already defined in the system,

      To produce 5 qty, Thru WIP material transactions (assembly qty : 5), by referring the estimated qty i will issue the actual material consumption,

      As per BOM, i require A = 2*5=10qty, and B=3*5=20qty, i consumed more than the required qty , like A=12qty, B=25qty

      then moved the 5qty till last operation,

      completed 5 qty into Finished good subinventory,

      at this point,WIP Value Summary as following:

      cost incurred will be actual material cost =124$

      and i am getting cost reviled value from the standard BOM qty cost ie., as per bom 1 qty - 16$, 5qty = 16*5, = 80$ (is this correct)

      the varience between both actual and completed is in net activity. 44$

      please suggest me is it correct,

      at this point, the finished good 5qty cost is 80$ in the inventory, but it should be more than this right,

      actually i issued more than the required qty

      when ever total job quantity is completed then only the variance cost is updating.

      please confirm