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    see Java System properties using WebLogic Server console


      If I deploy "systempropertiesweb.war" [1] on WebLogic Server I can see all or individual Java System properties,
      e.g. http://localhost:7101/systempropertiesweb/systemproperties?property=java.version results in "java.version = 1.6.0_24"

      Is it possible to see the same Java System properties using WebLogic Server Administration Console? If so, how?
      ( via http://localhost:7101/console )

      - [1] at SystemPropertiesApp/SystemPropertiesWeb/deploy/systempropertiesweb.war
      in http://www.consideringred.com/files/oracle/2013/SystemPropertiesApp-v0.01.zip

      many thanks
      Jan Vervecken