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    Oracle forms objects are not getting identified by QTP 11.0


      I am facing problem in identifying the properties of objects uniquely by QTP 11.0

      I tried the solution mentioned in QTP help for Oracle Addins. My DBA team is saying that solution is not applicable for Oracle forms above 13.0 .Please help me in fixing this issue. For your reference , following is the solution that i had tried.

      Issue: While recording the oracle forms using QTP, we are not able to recognize the unique property of the fields.
      Solution: Need to do changes in Oracle form server.
      Steps to follow: (This is from QTP- Oracle Addin)

      To enable the Oracle server to supply unique Name attributes:

      1 Add the following line to the server configuration file (for example,



      2 Restart the Oracle server.

      To enable the Name attribute when accessing the application directly:

      Add record=names to the URL parameters.


      To enable the Name attribute when using HTML to launch the Oracle


      1 In the startup HTML file that is used to launch the application, locate the

      line: <PARAM name="serverArgs ............ fndnam= APPS">

      2 Add the Oracle key: record=names.




      <PARAM name="serverArgs" value="module=f:\FNDSCSGN userid=XYZ

      fndnam=apps record=names">