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    Issue with Community Server Installation

    vivek lal
      Hi All,

      I have installed Community server as:

      On system 1 Management Community Server Installed. and on System 2 Production Community Installed.

      I followed the Document server architecture. But not getting desirable result as per document.


      On Community Management Server, I am getting the page which displays "Starting Application" when I give the url with context root.
      The page refreshes automatically after few seconds but not getting any other things.

      On Community Production Server, I am getting the same result as Management Server.
      In addition, I am getting a page for CAS which is having one form asking for username and password.

      Please help in getting Community Server Interface.


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          Stephan Da Silva-Oracle
          Hi Vivek,

          Community Server is accessed through Sites Management after creating the required FW_View and FW_Application assets and assigning the application to a site. Keep in mind the following:

          - Community Management, Sites Management, Community Production and Sites Production all need their own managed server, whether they run on the same machine and/or in the same domain or not. So you need 4 managed servers.
          - All four servers should be running.
          - You can check the status of the servers by accessing http://{community server}:{port}/cos/status . It's ok to have errors for the mail server (if you're not using a mail server), but the other items should not show any errors.
          - You should access Site Management through the same URL that you specified in the Community installer, otherwise you may get cross site scripting problems.
          - Check the logs for errors. There are logs for each Community install in the COS_HOME directory (specified during install), and there might also be relevant messages in the Sites logs and in the appserver stdout logs.

          I hope this helps,

          Kind regards,