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    Passing current row values as parameter issues.

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      Weblogic - 10.3.5

      I am having trouble passing parameters from a table to a popup.

      I have a master group that contains a detail group, within this detail group I have created a group region. This region is meant to show remarks for the current details table record.

      In the details group (table layout) I have specified as the region "depends on" item a textInput field so that when I click the context area I get the popup.

      The remarks group (in the popup) has a composite key comprised of three attributes that exist in the detail table. What I need to do is pass these values as parameters to the remarks group.

      Here is what I have done so far:

      1. Created parameters on the top level remarks group - names match parameters set in region
      2. Created a "query bind parameters" string with the necessary VO bind variables.
      3. In the detail group where the region exists I have created the parameters that I am trying to pass TO the remarks group.

      My problem is that the parameter values that I am trying to pass to the region/remarks group are not being filled correctly. For parameter values I have tried:

      Many, many others

      These attributes exist and are editable in the table.

      All I want to do is pass these three values from the detail table (per row) to the remarks group. What am I missing? What EL expression will give me the per row values I need? I know there is a lot of material out there on this, but I seem to have tried them all, I don't know where I've gone wrong.