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    Difference in Query generated by OBIEE for same report

    Tataji vijjapu
      I am using a a report(X) in a filter condition.
      I am seeing a peculiar issue with OBIEE server. When i am running a report(X) alone, the query generated is different. But when i am using the same report in filter condition of other report(Y), the same report is generating some other query. The first report(X) is running fine but the second(Y) is not running at all.

      Case 1(Report X) Query: The report is breaking into 3 parts for different fact tables and combining the data to give result.

      Case 2(Report Y): A single query is being formed and within it is fecthing the data from different fact tables using subqueries.

      Case2 is creating a lot of problem as the performance is totally poor.

      Any suggesstions??