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    how to deattach an analytic workspace

      when i try to attach a AW again, some time there will be a error like "Unable to attach OLAPTRAIN.IDSS Analytic Workspace read write", how should i do?
      for example,
      first time, i attached an AW from AWM, and then i closed the AWM.
      then some time if i restart AWM and try to attach an AW, such error will be raised. for such kind of error, how to deattach it?
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          nasar.ali-khan at -Oracle
          When you close AWM, it should detach it. Not sure why it is not doing that.

          Two things:

          (1). By default, AWM will attach the AW in RW mode. To attach the AW in RO mode, do the following:
          In your ..\awm\bin\awm.properties file add the following line:

               After that you will see options (RO, RW, RWX) when attaching any AW.
          Its always preferable to attach the AW in RO, if you will not be making any changes to AW during that session.

          (2). Sometimes we may have to KILL the db session that has the AW attached in RW mode.
          Using the following query, find the SQL session that has the AW attached in RW mode and then KILL it.

          select username, sid, serial#, owner||'.'||daws.aw_name aw, logon_time,
          decode(attach_mode,'READ WRITE','RW','READ ONLY','RO',attach_mode) attch,
          machine, terminal, program, type, status
          from   dba_aws daws,v$aw_olap vawo, v$aw_calc vawc,v$session
          where  daws.aw_number=vawo.aw_number
          and  sid=vawo.session_id
          and  vawc.session_id=sid
          order by logon_time, machine, status, sid, daws.aw_name, attach_mode, username

          You can KILL that session using:
          ALTER SYSTEM KILL SESSION '<sid>, <serial#>' immediate;