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    OEDQ Jobs erroring - Error Code: Cannot acquire lock, already locked

      Hi experts
      our Real time Individual match job is erroring out with above error code. Real time Individual clean and Real time Individual Cluster are working fine. What could be the reason for this?
      (log file extract:
      SEVERE: 06-May-2013 14:54:39: Cannot acquire lock: already locked (Code: 207,002)
      com.datanomic.director.missionmanager.exceptions.MissionExecutionException: Cannot acquire lock: already locked (Code: 207,002)
           at com.datanomic.director.missionlieutenant.plan.MissionExecutionPlan.execute(MissionExecutionPlan.java:961)
           at com.datanomic.director.missionlieutenant.executor.MissionExecutor.runMissionNow(MissionExecutor.java:205)
           at com.datanomic.director.missionmanager.manager.MissionManager$3.run(MissionManager.java:537))

      second question:
      we do have setup OEDQ for key generation (Our Siebel OCH is on When we run Siebel Key Generate jobs on Contacts and Accounts, we do get records created in SIEBEL.S_DQ_ORG_KEY and SIEBEL.S_DQ_CON_KEY. Is this table where they are supposed to be generated?

      third question:
      Does Siebel OCH support Address matching?

      more questions to come in near future




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